Blue Rhino GBT1030 Portable Propane Barbecue Grill Review

Blue Rhino GBT 1030The Blue Rhino GBT1030 is a fairly new grill on the market and it fits somewhere between a Weber 1520 and Q 200. The Blue Rhino is a great choice for camping, tailgating or apartments and is perfectly suited to cooking for two people. You can get it for under a hundred bucks on Amazon here.

Firstly the Rhino GBT1030 has a much larger cooking area then any of the other grills in its price bracket making it a great choice for small families. Secondly the high powered twin burners can output up to 28,000 BTU which is just as strong as any of the higher priced models, and much higher than any of the other models in its price range which means you can easily sear or char grill steaks just the way you like them.

Another feature that the Blue Rhino GBT1030 has is its very stable, foldable, and lockable legs. The legs on the Rhino are designed to sit securely on any surface, which makes it great for camping. The legs fold up so it can still be transported easily.

It’s important to mention that on this grill you should never cook with the lid down. The Rhino GBT1030 can pump out a massive 28,000 BTU which, coupled with the low lid, could ruin food if you turn the heat up too high.

One nice touch that’s usually not found in this price range is the removable griddle which covers one burner (see the photo above.) The griddle can be used for pancakes or bacon, or it can be removed entirely if you just want to grill.

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The Rhino GBT1030 also comes with the easy push button ignition as well so you won’t ever need to struggle to get it lit.

Blue Rhino GBT 1030 User Reviews:

“This is a wonderful grill. I’m not by any means a pro at grilling out, but this grill has made it seem as though I am. It does not use the propane at a fast rate either making the propane bottle last through several uses.”- Zyron

Overall the Blue Rhino GBT1030 portable propane grill is a great choice for small families who may be going on a camping trip, but don’t want to pay for a high priced model with a larger cooking area.

If you have a bit extra to spend I recommend looking at the Coleman Road Trip grill. It uses only the highest quality parts, has a lot of power and has a decent sized cooking plate to cater for small families, and is only slightly more expensive. You could also try comparing the Blue Rhino to other grills on Amazon: Blue Rhino GBT1030.

Comparison of Blue Rhino GBT1030 vs. Other Grills

The characteristic that stands out about this grill is that it puts out a LOT of power.  28,000 BTUs is considerably more than every other portable grill. This means you can easily sear steaks. However, it also means you should never cook with the lid down, because you will incinerate your food :)  At less than $100, this grill is also pretty cheap. It’s a nice touch that it has a removable griddle surface.

My only concern is that this grill relatively new to the market, and it doesn’t have the longstanding reputation for quality that Weber grills have. Blue Rhino itself began as a propane cylinder exchange company, and expanded into barbecue grills about 10 years ago. The company itself has an excellent reputation; they’re just not as popular as Weber yet.