Weber 1520 Review

Weber 1520If you need an easily portable propane grill that’s great for two people and highly efficient, then the Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill is just what you’re looking for. It is cheap too – usually around fifty bucks on Amazon.

Although this is one of the lower end grills it still has a lot of the great features, and like most Weber units it has the easy start push-button ignition, heat distributor, and easily transportable design.

The Weber 1520 is one of Weber’s lower end grills with a price that’s hard to beat, but you need to be prepared that buying something this inexpensive may have some pitfalls.


Weber 1520 Specifications:

• 160sqr/inches of Cooking Space
• Only 14.5 pounds
• Triple nickel-plated cooking grate
• Push button ignition system
• Heat distributing flavorizer bar
• Pivot legs that lock the lid for added safety
• Porcelain-enamelled cooking box, rust resistant

Weber 1520 User Reviews:

I mentioned earlier that there are some downfalls with this model, and the big ones are the small cooking area, uneven cooking surface and the lack of sufficient heat to char grill.

First it needs to be known that the cooking area isn’t designed to be big. This grill is for groups no bigger than 2. If you are looking for a portable propane grill that can cook for larger groups than I recommend having a look at the Weber Q 320 which has a much larger cooking space, but is just as transportable.

The second big issue with the Weber 1520 is the uneven cooking area. A lot of people who’ve used this small grill have talked about the way the plates heat unevenly, but they’ve all found other great uses for the lower temperatures. Just read this review:

“I found that one end of the grill is cooler than the other which is nice for warming or holding food before serving.”

The third issue was its lack of heat to char grill steaks and other meats. Unfortunately for a grill this size and price it can be hard to char grill anything. Some users have experimented with taking the flavorizer bar out and claim it heats much better, but it will result in uneven cooking temperatures..

In conclusion although the Weber 1520 Propane gas Go-Anywhere grill does have some shortfalls people have found great ways to use them to their full advantage. This is a small, easy-to-use, portable and easy start gas grill that’s hard to beat for price and quality, and I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a small griller for camping or tailgating. Check Amazon for the latest pricing: Weber 1520.